Principal's Message

    Froebel is a great place to work and study. We provide a friendly environment where students are encouraged to develop discipline and values to make a positive contribution to society.

    A challenging curriculum promotes critical thinking and a rich variety of extra curricular activities supports all learning.

    All this is done under the skilled and caring guidance of our teachers who facilitate the students to develop verbal skills and leadership qualities which are a hallmark of our students.

    Mariam Shera

    Our Philosphy

     The philosophy of Froebel Education Centre is based on the ideas of Friedrich Froebel, a German educationalist who believed strongly in the harmony of life, individuality of students and learning through play. These concepts coupled with 'hands on' activities from kindergarten through O' Levels form the basis of our education. The essence of our philosophy is to bring about holistic growth in our students in areas of social, academic and personal development.


    Mission Statement

    At Froebel our aim is to provide a high quality education that extends beyond the classroom. We believe in helping our students to grow into well balanced and open minded individuals who are grounded in sound values. We are committed to providing a stimulating environment for our students in order to develop life skills, critical thinking ability and an education that encompasses both practical and academic realms.