Froebel Professional Teaching Centre , Changing mindsets


Research shows that education is an evolving, reflective and a continuous process. Forums for discussions, workshops, seminars and training courses are therefore needed on regular basis to keep teachers abreast with the latest development and changes around the world.

The need for trained teachers was strongly felt by Mrs. Mariam Shera which led to our inception in November 2007. Our first training programme for aspiring teachers was launched in February 2008 and since then we have successfully completed eight similar courses. Our primary focus is on equipping teachers with appropriate tools of effective teaching as only this can lead to purposeful, meaningful learning by students. At the centre we are working towards developing shorter courses, one-day workshops and in-service programmes tailored to meet the needs of the school workforce.

Our participants are now employed in various reputed schools of Karachi and are contributing to the education sector by using what they have learnt on the course in their respective careers. We are proud of our contribution to the education scenario and feel rewarded by the positive feedback received regarding our alumni.

Sadia Aziz
Director FPTC



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