Alumni – FPTC

Since its inception in 2008 eight batches of the professional teaching course have been completed, a total of a 115 individuals have been trained to become teachers. Although our minimum requirement is for our participants to have done A-levels or graduation we have seen a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. From doctors to lawyers and business graduates to homemakers this diversity strengthens our in-class learning through discussions and presentations as the students learn different perspectives and are able to learn from the experience of peers as well as the capable faculty.

At present several of our earlier course participants are employed at reputable schools in Karachi. Although employment is not guaranteed after completion of the course, our participants have been able to use the course certificate as an asset while applying for jobs. Our alumni are or have been present in prestigious schools such as Mrs. Haque’s Nursery, CAS, Pathways, Beacon House, The Garage School, DA Public School, British Overseas, World Academy, Foundation Public School and Froebel Education Centre.

From class teachers of primary classes to subject specialists for secondary classes our alumni have been able to find their niche as per their interests. Some of our alumni have even gone into the field of education management and administration. The feedback that we get from our alumni is that they are able to relate what they have learnt on the course to their professional lives.