What s the eligibility criterion for the course?

The minimum eligibility criterion for the course is A-Level/Graduation. However applicants with other qualifications/experiences are also encouraged to apply.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 14 weeks.

Does the Froebel Education Centre provide a guarantee of employment for course participants?

No, participants are encouraged to apply independently for employment. However if there is a relevant vacancy at Froebel Education Centre selected participants can apply for the position.

Is the course based on theory or practical application?

While there is a solid theoretical foundation provided in the area of educational psychology/pedagogical principles, practical application is greatly emphasized.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through a combination of ongoing assignments, participation, initiative and a reflective journal maintained throughout the duration of the course. Punctuality and timely submission of assignments are encouraged in order to gain positive feedback.

What age group is the course material geared towards?

While the principles and information presented have a practical orientation and can be applied to any age group, many participants are interested in primary education and there is considerable material presented that applies to this age group.

What are the language requirements for the course participants?

The course participants must be able to speak, write and understand English at an acceptable level as the course material is presented in English.

Does the course have international affiliation/partner institutions?

The course is solely managed by Froebel Professional Teacher Training and is not affiliated to any external agency or institution.  However the certification issued by the Froebel Professional Teacher Training is recognized by different private schools in Karachi.