Principal’s Message

Qualified and professionally trained teachers are an asset for any school. The quality of education that we impart to our youth is directly linked to the quality of teachers that we have.

However this resource is rare to find in our country for we lack in good quality training centers to meet the growing need of an ever expanding school network across the country. This is the major reason as to why the standard of education in most of the schools here has not kept pace with the world.

Having been in the field of education for over 28 years, we know first hand how difficult it is to find properly trained and dedicated teachers. That is why we have taken on the challenge of setting up a training centre to feed our in- house needs and also to cater to the requirements of other schools in the private as well as the public sector.

Starting with short diploma courses, our training centre will offer full time courses over time. Our aim will be to orient the candidates in modern education techniques through workshops by qualified and experienced workshop leaders and offer practical teaching practice in our own school.

Our faculty and facilities will be at the disposal of the training centre to make it a success.

On a personal note, my training at the Froebel Institute of Education, Roehampton, U.K. motivates me to set- up a quality platform in our own country, to provide an opportunity to those who aspire to be responsible teachers.

Mariam Shera