Events and Activities – Nursery

Daily Activities

Froebel Nursery and Kindergarten gives children the opportunity to learn using both academic and hands on methods.  There are a variety of activities that target different skills.  Clay classes and arts and crafts help with fine motor control and aerobics, dance and yoga develop gross motor skills. Theme based puppet shows are always enjoyed by the children.



Our mela takes place in November. The nursery is humming with excitement during the mela preparation period and children are busy making art and craft work. Parents are activity involved and always keen to be part of the mela.

Sports day

Froebel Nursery sports day is held in December. This day is take part in exciting and fun events and is dedicated to grandparents. Children take part in exciting and fun events and in the end each and every child is declared a winner.


Our annual concert is held in March. This event is theme based. Children have been busy making their costumes and rehearsals take place every day. This concert is a riot of color. Children love dressing up their colorful costumes and performing for their friends and family.

Teddy Bear Picnic

It’s all about bears. That is the theme for our teddy bear picnic. It takes place in March. Children bring in their toy bears. Bear facts are discussed. A bear puppet show is held. Bear story time and bear sing-along followed by a bear habitat display.

Earth day Celebrations

Earth day celebrations take place in April. The theme is recycling. Children are taught about clean environments and what we can to help. Different objects are recycled and children spend a busy day painting and pasting. A play is performed by the children for their parents and the day ends with a display of all the recycled products made by the children.

Splish/Splash day

May is a month filled with fun filled activities. Splish Splash days are thrilling for the children. Lots of water based activities, puppet shows and the end of term class party brings the school year to an end.