Our School Song

Mrs. Chris Zainab Abbas who died in 2009 was a mentor of Froebel Education Centre and was interested and involved in the daily activities of the school and its students. She wrote the lyrics for the school song which were put to music by the school music teacher.

Our School Song

Allah gives us all a light
Within ourselves to hold
He bids us keep it polished right
And treasure it as gold.

As Froebel is your school be sure
Your light is set to glow
Kind deeds and open minds
Help everyone to grow.

To win or lose is not the thing
So long as you keep on trying
Respect yourself and others too
They could be right,not you.

Your light will shine for Pakistan
and spread for all to see
The love you bear your fatherland
Will forge its destiny.

By C. Z. Abbas


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