Curriculum & Extracurricular Activities

At Froebel Education Center, we believe that learning can and should be fun. Therefore our curriculum is designed to include different mediums and strategies to enhance learning. Our students learn through doing, through movement and through sensory activities that nurture their potential in many different areas and make learning a holistic experience.

They enjoy yoga, clay, arts and crafts and singing. Last but not least they learn through playtime!

The Junior School builds on the solid foundations based on the skills learned in the primary classes but continues in the tradition of learning through hands on activities and group work which builds a rapport and understanding of others and a development of social skills. Students begin to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills and are encouraged to explain and present their ideas and thoughts to a wider audience. Beyond that our students are encouraged to become aware and responsible citizens of the world at large.


Compulsory Subjects Extracurricular Activities
English Arts & Crafts
Urdu Clay Modeling
Mathematics Music & Movement
Project Singing
Computer Studies Games
Islamiat Ettiquette Classes


Compulsory Subjects Extracurricular Activities
English Language Art
English Literature Craft & Needlework
Mathematics Cooking
Science Games
Urdu Yoga
Social Studies Band
Islamic Studies Aerobics
Computer Studies Field Trips


In addition to the formal subjects which are for all the students, we also have after school activities i.e. Taekwondo , Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and Recorder classes.