The Senior School offers a well-rounded education to its students. On the one hand, it focuses on a strong academic program based on the Cambridge GCE examinations, while concurrently, it encourages students’ participation in other activities. Drama, athletics, arts, debates and community service are among the activities that nurture their potential for life beyond the classroom.

The object of the program is to enhance the students’ life skills, to instill a spirit of community service and to develop a sense of social responsibility. It also strives to provide the confidence and self-belief that helps them to face challenges in the future.

The School is registered with the University of Cambridge and prepares students for the CIE O-level examinations.

The School offers the following subjects for O-levels (Grades 9 – 11):

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects Optional Subjects
English Language 

Literature in English




Pakistan Studies




Additional Mathematics

Environmental Management


Business Studies

Principles of Accounts




Grades 7 and 8

In order to gain comprehensive base level knowledge and to prepare for the higher classes, students study the following subjects:

Mathematics General Science Urdu
English Language English Literature Islamiyat
Art Computers Social Studies


In addition to the above, two new subjects are introduced in Grade VII, namely Just Talk and Kitchen Craft. In Just Talk the students get a chance to voice their views on various issues. Kitchen Craft enables the students to develop their culinary skills.

Along with Kitchen Craft, the students of Grade VIII get a chance to enhance their creativity in the Creative Writing class.

A regular reading habit is encouraged at all levels to enhance vocabulary, quality of expression and general knowledge.

Registration for O-Levels

Registration for the O-Level examinations takes place in December/January of each year, The criteria for registration are given in the Student’s Handbook.

Monitoring of Academic Performance

Academic performance is assessed through a series of tests, quizzes, assignments and an exam at the end of each term. Regular meetings are conducted with parents to inform them of their child’s progress and to discuss strategies for improvement.

Subject Selection for O-Levels

The syllabi for the optional subjects commence in Grade 9. Students choose subjects of their choice in the second term of Grade 8. The School is sensitive to the feelings of the students at this important time in their lives. We realize the importance of the guidance required in aiding them to take the first steps towards thinking about career options. Students, parents and the School are involved in decision-making. Each student’s interest, ability and past academic performance form the basic criteria for subject selection.