Application Process We aim to provide a good start in life for all and are committed to giving all our young people an equal chance to make the most of their potential.

Parents who wish to enroll their children are advised to review the application process and refer to the age chart for each class level before filling out and submitting the application of admission form online.

For the class level you are seeking admission in, please ensure your child falls under the given age level for that class at the time the admission is for.

An applicant of admission for class V in the next academic year must be between 9.4 and 10.3 years when the next academic year is due to begin.

Class Level Age Level Current Academic Year (2023-2024) Next Academic Year (2024-2025)
NURSERY (2.4 yrs – 3.3 yrs) MAY 20 – APR 21 MAY 21- APR 22
KG I (3.4 yrs – 4.3 yrs) MAY 19 – APR 20 MAY 20 – APR 21
KG II (4.4 yrs – 5.3 yrs) MAY 18 – APR 19 MAY 19 – APR 20
CLASS I (5.4 yrs – 6.3 yrs) MAY 17 – APR 18 MAY 18 – APR 19
CLASS II (6.4 yrs – 7.3 yrs) MAY 16 – APR 17 MAY 17 – APR 18
CLASS III (7.4 yrs – 8.3 yrs) MAY 15 – APR 16 MAY 16 – APR 17
CLASS IV (8.4 yrs – 9.3 yrs) MAY 14 – APR 15 MAY 15 – APR 16
CLASS V (9.4 yrs -10.3 yrs) MAY 13 – APR 12 MAY 14 – APR 15
CLASS VI (10.4 yrs – 11.3 yrs) MAY 12 – APR 13 MAY 13 – APR 14
CLASS VII (11.4 yrs – 12.3 yrs) MAY 11 – APR 12 MAY 12 – APR 13
CLASS VIII (12.4 yrs -13.3 yrs) MAY 10 – APR 11 MAY 11 – APR 12
CLASS IX (13.4 yrs -14.3 yrs) MAY 09- APR 10 MAY 10- APR 11
CLASS X (14.4 yrs -15.3 yrs) MAY 08 – APR 09 MAY 09 – APR 10
CLASS XI (15.4 yrs -16.3 yrs) MAY 07 – APR 06 MAY 08 – APR 09

A non-refundable application fee of Rs. 1,000 per application is payable in order for your application to be submitted. The application fee covers costs associated with the processing of your application of admission.

Please note that filling out and submitting the application does not guarantee admission.

Admissions in the Current Academic Year

Subject to availability of seats.

The applicant is provided with a schedule for an entrance test followed by an interview accompanied by parents.

Parents are notified if and when there is vacancy to proceed with the confirmation of admission.

Admissions in the Next Academic Year

Each year, applications of admission are accepted for the upcoming academic year in various class levels. Updates about availability are posted to the website regularly.

The same process is followed.

The Application of Admission Process

Parents are communicated with details step by step via email.

Please provide the most updated and accurate contact information (telephone number(s) and email address(es)) in order to ensure communication is sent to and received by parents and/or guardians only.

Parents are requested to submit scanned copies of documents required only.

Please ensure payment in order for your application of admission to be submitted for processing.

The method of payment is via online bank transaction only, with a credit or debit card. This is by far the best method of payment as it is quick, efficient and secure.

  • Upon successful submission of the application of admission form, a schedule for the entrance test followed by one for the interview will be shared with you within 03-07 working days.
  • Once offer of admission is made, confirmation of admission formalities are shared with parents.

The decision to admit an applicant is based on their performance on the entrance test, overall academic performance and the interview.

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